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We love to keep our visitors updated on the latest money saving deals and voucher codes for the UK shoppers, so while the site is getting updated where going to keep you informed on the best sites to find these discount codes, sales and hot offers for low prices.

It's no surprise that we all love to save money as easily as possible, and one of the best ways to find a bargain online is to use a discount code or some kind of promotional offer. Voucher codes don't last forever so it's always a massive pain to find one that saves you a good amount of money and is working (not expired). The following sites check their promo codes every single day (even at weekends) and are always on the hunt for the latest deals to save you money.

One of the most recent websites on the block with all the codes is a site called Deal DB Voucher Codes that promise to try and keep your prices low in the form of vouchers and secret sales. They do a very good job of keeping their codes fresh and actually check each code before putting them live on the website. They don't get codes as often as but they are only a small team and really work hard to find you a bargain.

Next we have a site that brings you the lowest prices when you're looking for kitchen appliances, white goods and microwaves etc. They are a site called DealFeed and have a dedicated cheap microwaves section that checks for the cheapest microwaves from the most popular stores every day while finding you the lowest price. They do a pretty great job and let you write reviews on the best microwaves in the list, suggest ones for the list and also if they are in stock. Really good if you need a really cheap microwave and they are expanding fast.

If you're looking for a discount code site that has been around for a good number of years, and have a wide selection of vouchers to save you money, then we have to tell you about Deal Share. DealShare are all about getting you awesome discount codes and deals for the best stores in the UK. They also go that little bit further and give you money saving tips and tricks when shopping at certain stores and looking for the latest deals.

If you live in America, or want to buy anything in there, you'll no doubt want to use something called a coupon. Coupons are just like discount codes, but ermmm, called something called coupon codes instead. For this we have a site called coupon code alerts and they also send you out coupon alerts when new money saving deals are added to the system. Nice little site full of money saving offers that give you a nice percentage off each shop. Not many retailers sadly but they are growing fast.

We all love Currys PC World because they bring you the best prices and deals on electrical items, white goods and big screen televisions that are too big for your eyes. We also have a dedicated Currys discount code website called Currys Voucher Codes that promise to save you money at currys in the form of easy to apply vouchers. Their codes are constantly updated, checked and working, while trying to get you the biggest savings around.

Everyone loves to cycle, as possibly one of the most flexible ways to spend time and exercise it is unrivalled in the amount of ways you can use the mode of transport. Some people use a good quality road bike for the morning commute, helping them to save money on their travel to and from work, as well as bringing in obvious health benefits. For other people a great downhill mountain bike provides an amazing weekend escape, flying through the trees with your Go Pro mounted on your helmet as you race to beat your friends times on an adrenaline fuelled frenzy in the woods. Lots of people also view the trusty bike as a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of exercise and all its benefits, everyone has a great memory of learning to ride and people love to pass these skills onto their children, teaching your little boy or girl to ride on their own in one of the great milestones of being a parent. At Best Cycle Discount Codes we hope to help you find the best ways to make savings on bikes no matter who they are for, the morning commuter, the downhill speed junkie or your little children, we cover all the bases to bring you great deals and savings everyday of the week.